With our JBH systems you can obtain the most efficient way of growing and also at the same time reduce the costs for substrate, water and fertilizer. JBH systems are designed for each individual customer and for all different circumstances. Growing media are available in many shapes and materials. There are substrates, which can only be used for 1 year such as rock wool, but we also deliver OXYGROW foam substrate, which lasts up to 10 years. There are “dry” and “wet” substrates and each substrate has its own characteristics. Which substrate to choose depends on many items such as the time that the substrate should be used for a specific culture, the best preferred way of watering, the costs and how to dispose it after use.

In case local substrates are available we are willing to analyze these, to give a good advice about the possibilities and the most efficient use of these substrates.

Scientific research has proven that plants in generally grow best when there is a lot of oxygen around the roots and when they are irrigated frequently with fresh fertilized water. Therefore the irrigation system must be designed in such a way, that it must be possible to irrigate the plants sufficiently, in all circumstances. The discharge of the drain water must be done quickly, the substrate must have an open structure to let enough oxygen in and may not change during the culture to keep a perfect water-air ratio.

In some countries we can find good natural substrates. This can be peat, pumice-stone, sand, cocopeat or others. In practice we hardly see any differences in yield between natural substrates and for instance rock wool. Natural substrates have the advantage that it can be cheaper, easily available and have a positive image towards the consumer. As natural substrate we supply COCOPRESS, cocopeat produced and controlled in our own factory in Sri Lanka. Through the ideal combination of supplying a large variety of substrates, gutter systems, drip irrigation systems and water treatment systems, we are able to advice and offer you a perfect combination for growing in an environmental friendly way with excellent results.

OXYGROW foam substrate
This foam substrate is very homogeneous and can be used up to 10 years. OXYGROW substrate, which is known for an excellent control of EC and pH, quick drain water discharge, has very low annual costs and it can even be handled under the wettest conditions without any damage. OXYGROW is used for vegetables and cut flowers.

JBH Container system

A solid system especially designed to support loose substrates and to collect the drain water in a separate drain water channel. Containers are made out of black or white, UV stable, steam sterilisable polypropylene. The container system is used for many different substrates for growing vegetable and cut flowers

JB Hydroponics can advise and design the best solution for each culture on substrate. In fact most of our systems are tailor-made for each and every customer. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

COCOPRESS cocopeat substrate
This natural pressed cocopeat substrate has a very low EC ( EC < 0,60) and can be used up to 5 years. It is dry, light and small when delivered and large in use. There is always a quick drain water discharge with enough oxygen for the roots. COCOPRESS can be delivered in various dimensions. The width can be from 10 to 45 cms. The height after expansion can vary from 7 to 15 cms. COCOPRESS is used for vegetables, cut flowers and potplants and causes no wate problems after the culture, because it can be used outside as soil-improver.

Other products

Drip irrigation systems
We design and supply from semi automatic to fully computerized custom-made systems, which are easy and economical in use. Our tubing and connection parts for drip irrigation systems are made out of quality materials for heavy duty. Irrigation systems will be fully designed according your demands. For a save and reliable system, we like to work with a large water storage capacity.

Corrugated drain pipes

We supply a wide range of corrugated drainpipes made out of PE and PP for collecting water in gutter systems, on the ground or deep in the ground. The dimensions vary from 25 to 160 mms, wrapped with or without different filter materials. Additional parts such as connectors, stops etc. are available.

WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS: Drip systems, water storage tanks, compact biological water filtration system DRAIN PIPES: PE and PP tubing 25, 50, 60, 100, 125, 160 mm with and without wrapping of filter material PLASTIC LINERS: PE film, AC film, CO2 tubing, ground film, tunnel film, sleeving bags etc.

For more infortmation you can always contact us

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