Oxygrow is an environmental safe, inert foam substrate, which is perfectly suitable for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers. Oxygrow lasts for many years and that’s why the annual costs of this high quality substrate are very low.

Good Substrate

There are three basis principles for growing any crop on substrate succesfully:

1. Under all circumstances it must be possible to supply the plant with sufficient fresh water and nutrients.
2. Everywhere all redundant water should be discharged evenly, adequately and above all quickly.
3. The substrate should have a quick drain-off, a permanent good structure and an adequate air-water ratio.

These 3 principles should be considered in combination with one another and consequently have to be present simultaneously under all circumstances. It has been demonstrated that generally speaking plants grow best on fresh trickled water. Oxygrow has the right characteristics for meeting the 3 basic principles as mentioned. It has a perfect drain-off so the substrate will never remain too wet. This allows the grower to give water more frequently, so the roots are provided with sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients. Especially for cut flowers, which have in general a low root porosity, this is very important.

In general, mineral wool is a wet substrate with a high saturation level for moisture content. This means that there is less air present in the substrate and therefore less oxygen available for the roots. Oxygrow has improved this considerably and results have shown that a better quality can be achieved, especially in wintertime, with at least the same yield. Under all conditions, every crop can be irrigated with a reasonable drain off.

Consequently, a beneficial and frequent water flow results in better growth; the plants react more directly to the trickle of fresh water than the stagnant water present in the substrate. This often results in an improvement of quality and in an increase in yield.

Oxygrow can be supplied in various sizes, depending on the crop and the purpose:

* For cut flowers Oxygrow is supplied in flakes in sizes of 10 or 20 mm, very well suited for mixing with rock wool granulate.
* For vegetables and gerbera Oxygrow is supplied in slabs.
* For propagation uses we can supply Oxygrow blocks or small slabs(for herbs).


  • PU-foam material which can be used up to 10 years without losing the structural properties
  • Very homogeneous
  • Very long lifespan, so very low annual costs
  • Can be handled under the wettest conditions without any damage
  • Easy to sterilize by steaming
  • Easy to work with, no itching
  • Quick drainage, ideal for re-circulation systems
  • Completely inert
  • Smaller water buffer for excellent EC and pH control
  • No pH reaction as in rock wool

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