JBH Container Systems

JB Hydroponics has developed the JBH Container System. It is a system consisting out of 2 steel drain gutters supported by steel supports. The containers fit exactly into the drain gutters and can’t fall off because of the legs underneath the containers. The steel gutters are made of galvanized steel with a PU coating, which protects the gutters against EC and pH influences. The supports are also made from galvanized steel and the height is adjustable. So the JBH Container System is a very beautiful, solid and completely closed system with a perfect drain water collection and maximum air circulation. This system is ideal for Roses, Gerberas or Anthuriums . Big advantage of the container is that the sides can be pulled out the container, so one can make a large row when preferred (see picture)

The containers have been designed especially for loose substrates. The substrates used today are COCOPRESS cocopeat, Perlite, Pumice, Sawdust and others which can be sterilized. The container is made from polypropylene and therefore steamable. The dimensions of the container are 60 x 32 cm, with a height of 16 cm. The max. substrate volume is 30 litres (with head on). The drain holes in the bottom and the sides of the container make sure that the run off of drain-water is quick and even. The substrate will never remain too wet. The JBH container is an environmental and economical solution in which you can use substrate better and longer.

Advantages of the JBH Container System:

  • Plants in separate containers, no spreading of diseases. When preferred a large row can be made
  • Containers are easily and quickly displaceable.
  • Containers with many drain points at the lowest point, so no standing water in the containers.
  • Each container drains separately.
  • Troughs are fully separated from drain water collection system, so roots cannot easily grow into drain water channels. Less chance of contamination through water.
  • Excellent air circulation, due to open area underneath the containers.
  • Highly productive system, due to better EC and pH control.
  • Very solid system.
  • In height adjustable.
  • Containers are made from steamable PP material.
  • Drain water channels are made from fully galvanised steel protected with a strong PU coating. No rusting or breakdown of material.
  • Builds up very quickly.
    Maintenance free system.
    State of the art inline drip system. Excellent control and less blocking problems.

After years of trials it has shown that the root development in this container is much better than in any other system, especially when we compare this with substrate in plastic bags. The roots can and will grow very easily in all directions and this stimulates a healthy development of the crop. The special shape of the containers guide the roots to all directions and prevent that roots only go down like they do in other containers. The quick run off makes sure there is a very stable moisture quantity in the substrate in combination with a high oxygen level during the whole culture. The bottom side of the container is made in such a way that the drain-holes will remain open, even when placed on the ground.

With the JBH container there are no limitations in use. It can be used in most crops and with various substrates. Very good results have been obtained in Roses, Carnations, Anthurium and many other cut flowers. Because of the dimensions, the JBH container is also perfectly suitable for Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers and other vegetables. The JBH container system can also be used with an EPS system instead of steel supports, for instance with alstroemeria

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