Besides the EPS and steel/ aluminum systems we also supply the PEVAL A.P.S. system. This stands for Aqua Plant System. It is a unique system whereby plants will be put on a special capillary mat which is placed on a special shaped PE liner with on both sides a water buffer.The thin mat reaches into these buffers and in this way there is a 2-way water transport. The plants will be irrigated by a normal drip system and have their roots in the mat and in the buffers.

However, the capability of the roots is different and therefore the plants will always have enough oxygen and water in all circumstances. At the topside of all buffers there is a connection from one buffer to the other which levels the water between the buffers, before the water runs off as drain water. The A.P.S. system can be used directly for inside and outside growing for almost every grower who has a substrate growing system and is equipped with a drip system and fertilizer unit. With the A.P.S. system the costs will decrease, whilst maintaining the yield numbers. Large scale tests even show an increase in production.

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